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natural treatment for the disease of a weak heart disease

natural treatment for the disease of a weak heart disease

welcome to health care at home today we will talk about some of fruits which can save you from heart disease that means what all fruits you have to consume daily with which further you can cure your self from heart disease. see, first of all i will name orange,orange contains lots of vitamin c with the consumption of orange your blood pressure stays normal those who have high blood pressure they much consume orange along with this it contains hesperidin, pectin who reduces bad cholesterol & when the bad cholesterol gets reduces.

then the chances of arteries to getting blocked become very low. so, you can cure yourself from heart diseases by consuming oranges second, most important fruit is gooseberry it supports heart it contains chromium who controls bad cholesterol means reduced ldl. along with this it get your heart muscles strong and cleans arteries & vessels it contains iron which makes new blood cells and all the body parts gets oxygen due to new blood cells. so, we can save our self by consuming gooseberry

see, drink gooseberry juice regularly & make its chutney as it gives lot of fiber and get your digestion system fit and to fight with heart diseases ,its most important for you to consume gooseberry regularly the third fruit, that is banana banana contains lot of potassium & due to rich in potassium it regulates blood pressure, so those who have high blood pressure. if they will consume banana then their blood pressure will be in control. along with this it helps to supply oxygen to brain with the help of circulatory system and what does happen with this, when brains receives oxygen

then chances of heart attack become low so, if you will consume banana regularly then you can cure yourself from heart disease the fourth fruit is , watermelon it contains potassium which controls blood pressure it also contains citrulline amino acid this also keeps your blood pressure in control and also helps you a lot to cure yourself from heart disease the fifth fruit is, papaya it contains vitamin c, anti-oxidant

it reduces cholesterol as well triglycerides and saves the arteries to get blocked so, consume papaya & save yourself from heart disease the sixth fruit if guava, means amrood means peru it contains lot of potassium guava cantinas lot of potassium as compare to banana it controls the heart rate & blood pressure. and when both these things will be in control then you will be having least chances of heart diseases so, consume guava & prevent yourself from heart disease

and the seventh fruit is ,king of fruits that is mango mango contains vitamin a means beta keratin , vitamin e means selenium both of them helps a lot to fight with heart disease so, consume mango and fight with heart disease rest our wish is only that you keep on consuming these fruits & see how healthy & strong your heat will become. rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. to meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends & relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to

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