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natural treatment for coronary heart disease pain

natural treatment for coronary heart disease pain

hey, guys, dr. axe here, doctor of naturalmedicine and founder of in this video, i'm going to share with you steps toovercome copd symptoms and what copd is. these seven things, i know if you follow these stepsfrom diet to supplements to super foods, i know you're going to see great results indecreasing your copd symptoms. copd stands for chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease, and it can sometimes be an umbrella term for other sort of respiratory issues,including chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema. all of those things can sometimesbe lumped in that category, but it's really this difficulty that happens when breathing. the first step you want to take to overcomecopd is to make dietary changes and really

make dietary changes or get rid of foods thatcause inflammation of the gut lining. really hippocrates over 2,000 years ago said, "alldisease begins in the gut." truthfully, even the health of your lungs begins in your gut.and oftentimes, if we get autoimmune-like issues or inflammatory reaction, that canstart to affect the lungs over time, creating copd. so here are the foods you want to stayaway from. for starters, number one, it's sugar. processedsugar causes inflammation and bad bacteria to build up in the gut lining causing thatinflammation. hydrogenated oils and fast foods, we know hydrogenated oils high in omega-6fats and partially hydrogenated oils will cause inflammation. also, conventional grainproducts, such as wheat bread, wheat products

and white products will cause that type ofinflammation as well. and then genetically modified foods are another category. but stayaway from processed foods. and in a minute, i'll talk about the exact foods you do wantto eat. the second step to overcoming copd is to dodeep breathing exercises. you want to breathe in and out of your diaphragm. you don't wantto be a chest breather. you want to take deep breaths downward. you can even sometimes takeyour fingers and just sort of feel there on your lower abdomen, and you should feel yourstomach expanding when you're breathing. you can do this five minutes in the morning whenyou wake up, five minutes before bed. practice some deep breathing in and out hope your diaphragmdownward to where you're feeling it in your

lower abdomen. deep breathing is great. also,you could do this while walking. if you're out for a walk or do that a few times a day,practice that deep breathing technique. it's a great effective treatment for copd. the next thing is going to be to stop smoking.this is probably the biggest thing, but if you're a smoker, you've got to stop. we knowsmoking is a big thing that will affect copd and make it worse. the next thing would be exercise. if you haveexercise-induced asthma or an issue like that, you're going to want to be careful with exercise,but doing some form of weight training or light cardiovascular activity, which reallyhelps increase and expand your lungs, is fantastic.

so i recommend 20 minutes to an hour 3 to5 days a week. so even if you just did 20 minutes 3 days a week, that's going to bea very, very effective way to expand your lungs. we know swimming is incredible andcycling especially. so consider adding some swimming or a spinning class into your dailyregimen. it's a great way to expand and increase the health of your lungs and beat copd. the next thing you can do to beat copd isto add some essential oils into your daily routine. you can get a diffuser around yourhouse and diffuse eucalyptus oil and peppermint essential oil. both eucalyptus and pepperminthave been shown to open up the airways. now you don't want to overdo these oils. typicallyhaving a diffuser on in your home for an hour,

once to twice daily, is plenty. but again,doing some of those essential oils is great for cleaning the air and opening up your airways. now in terms supplementation, there are certainsupplements that can definitely help you beat copd. those include things like n-acetylcysteineand fenugreek as well. but n-acetylcysteine, fenugreek, and goldenseal are all very effective.but again, especially n-acetylcysteine with vitamin c. n-acetylcysteine is a precursorto glutathione. so again, doing those two things together, so n-acetylcysteine 500 to600 milligrams daily with 1,000 milligrams of vitamin c, those are great for openingup the airways as is the phytonutrient called quercetin, which is found in higher levelsof citrus fruits.

and last but not least, if you want to overcomecopd, follow a bone broth like diet. so consuming bone broth soups throughout the day, and youmight check out my new book or guide. it's called "bone broth breakthrough." this "bonebroth breakthrough" guide will have a lot of recipes that you can follow that can reallyhelp in nourishing the lungs and fighting copd. so again, check it out, "the bone brothbreakthrough." you can find it there on but again, copd, in order to beat it, youwant to be getting a lot of amino acids, such as glutamine and proline, and things thatreally reduce inflammation in the body. so your diet should be high in organic meat,fruits, vegetables, and bone broth. all those things together is really going to help youin naturally fighting copd.

and if you want to learn more about fightingcopd, i have a long article going through all of these steps and more on my website.check out that's also, if you want to learn more great natural remediesto support your body in the healing process, make sure you subscribe here to the youtubechannel. hey, guys, this has been dr. axe teachingyou natural treatments for copd symptoms.

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