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natural treatment for disease heart disorders

natural treatment for disease heart disorders

do you show symptoms of underactive thyroid,hypothyroidism symptoms like weight gain, excessive tiredness, depression, frequenturination or cold extremities? hi, my name is deanna and in this video iwill show you how my cousin lisa managed to cure her hypothyroidism all naturally.i decided to share her story and do this video because she didn�t want to get in frontof the camera and i really wanted people to use her experience with fact, i even have a great ebook for you, which you can have for free when my videoends by clicking the link from the description below.inside, you�ll learn 10 odd tricks my cousin did, and if you implement them, you shouldsee some of your hypothyroidism symptoms disappear

after just a few days�so, lisa was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2011, and from around that time, she hadto get up 2-3 times per night to pee. also, she gained like 30 pounds and she was tiredall the time. one night after going to pee, she couldn�tfall back asleep. so the next day at the office, was horrible for her � when she got home,she was so tired, she could hardly walk�. so, the next day, she read an article publishedby a thyroid expert � however instead of hope, the expert stated that if you sufferfrom hypothyroidism and you don�t die early from it, then you�ll die a little laterfrom cancer or heart disease. so she got so scared, that she decided tofind a way to cure her hypothyroidism. and

because none of the doctor�s advice or pillshelped her, she decided to go for an all-natural cure�so, for 6 months she tested everything on her body. she completely changed her diet,started meditation, and even went on a trip to peru, just to test some herbs she readabout. when she came back from that trip, everythingchanged for her and most of the hypothyroidism symptoms she used to have, were gone�anyway, you�ll read more about her story in the ebook, but right now i want to share2 things that made a huge difference for lisa, but before i do that, please subscribe tomy channel, because this channel is all about hypothyroidism symptoms in women and, in myfuture videos i will share everything i learn

on this topic from my cousin�so, the first tip is about fats� you see, most fats come from vegetable oils and animalfats, and she found a study that proved that these fats are actually making thyroid problemsworse� so, from that moment, she ate less in restaurantsand started to prepare her own meals. she started to consume organic coconut oil, organicolive oil and she was eating wild caught salmon and shellfish every 2 days.also, she started taking some organic supplements, about which you�ll find out more insidethe ebook� the 2nd tip, is about an exercise that shediscovered and started doing daily called tai chi. tai chi is a form of martial artsinvented by the chinese and from the moment

lisa found out that tai chi is beneficialto thyroid hormone levels, she started practicing it every morning.the ebook i mentioned will share more about lisa�s experience and how she cured thethyroid problem. so, i hope you enjoyed my video and that youwill download lisa�s ebook and use her tips to cure your hypothyroidism and live a happierlife. if you enjoyed my video, please like it andshare it on facebook, twitter or google +, so your friends can watch it too and if youhave more questions, please post a comment and i will answer�.now, before i finish, i also want to give you a free video lisa found a few days�during her research she has found 3 foods

that are advertised as foods that supportthyroid, however in reality they are only causing harm. so this video speaks about themand why you should avoid them ? so, just click the link from the descriptionbelow to download the ebook and watch the video for free.thanks for watching, please like and share my video, subscribe to my channel and clickthe link from the description below to download the ebook and the video for free!talk to you soon ?

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