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natural treatment for heart disease fat disease

natural treatment for heart disease fat disease

what if we told you, you can compare the mostaffordable treatments worldwide? yes! placidway is a leading medical tourism companythat helps you explore global healthcare solutions and choose the right option for you.by subscribing to our you tube channel, you'll get instant access to all our latest healthcare information. my name is herb christense and my conditionis heart condition. i was at the doctors office and they sentme home to die. they said: "we can give you medications and this and that, and that'sall we can do for you." because i had three bypass surgeries, andaorta bypass surgery. they said it's braking down, that they could't help me. a friendof mine called me up and said: "you get your

son and you get on airplane, and you get downhere to tijuana to this stem cell treatment center and you get it now.you don't wait for cheap tickets, you get on airplane and you go."he had lots of exeperience with his son down here, and they know how, it;s mereley helpedhis boy. he just believed in it and said: "just do it, don't wait!"it's now difficult at all. there's a little bit of pain involved when they withdrawn bonemarrow, but it's matter of grinding your teeth a little bit, you know, you getting it done.like i said, they sent me home to die, i was about down to114 ponds and i was really sick.not only with a heart but with bladder thing, like a coalitis.i gained 20 pounds, collateral goodness is,

it healed my lower lower intestinal tractthat doctors were trying to heal for years. and that's why i can gain weightand that's why i feel good again. i did't really realize how bad i felt until i startedfeeling good again. this young lady knows exactly how i made turnaround i made on that.

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