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natural treatment for heart disease illness leg swelling

natural treatment for heart disease illness leg swelling

welcome to health care at home today we will talk about chikungunya chikungunya is a rare form of viral fever it is transmitted to humans by aedes aegypti mosquitoes. it causes acute fever and severe joint pain. the fever usually lasts 5-7days, while accompanying joint pains typically last for months chikungunya is an african word. it means, like bones breaking pain. it was widely spread in indian in year 2006

let me tell you some of its symptoms.sudden onset with fever. muscles pain. loss of appetite and acute headache. some people nose bleeding and gums bleeding. photophobia where a human is unable to tolerate light. also rashes on the body & some people do have vomitting within 1 week it exhaust and weakens that a person is unable to do any work. there is no specific treatment prescribed in allophathy. symptomatic treatment is given. such as paracetamol for fever

and pain killers are prescribed for joint pains. but there are some details given in ayurveda for its treatment. even medicines are prescribed in ayurveda for this. we will tell you some small remedies which will be helpful for you in case of chikungunya. for joint pain, grind some garlic and make its paste. apply its paste to the affected area and it will give you relief in joint pain. patient of chikungunya should drink ample of coconut water coconut water doesn't cure but helps a lot to recover from this disease. virus of chikungunya, remains with lever after affecting the whole body.

coconut water detox the liver which helps in to recover fast from this disease. patient of chikungunya must eat raw carrots as they increases immune resistance. which helps a lot to have a fastest recovery. take 1/2 tsp withania somnifera powder (ashwagandha powder) for fastest recovery. it also helps to control the weakness as well. let me tell you one remedy, which is very helpful for you to give relief in chijungunya. for this remedy, boil a glass of water for 5 minutes. after that add 1 tsp carom seeds in it add 5 margosa (neem ) leaves.

add 10 basil leaves and 10 raisins. then boil it again for another 10 minutes. after that have this hot solution without straining means you have to drink this water along with eat all the added ingredients. do this remedy post half n hour of eating anything do this remedy for three times in a day. you will notice very instant relief in the problem of chikungunya . along with this, be careful for one more thing if your platelet counts are low then what you have to do?

take 1/4 cup papaya leaves juice & 1/4 cup tinospora cordifolia ( giloy juice) if you are unable to get its juice then giloy's bitter syrup will do in any form. mix them well and consume three times in a day so that your platelet doesn't fall much. one of the best thing is to take care of that there should be no mosquitoes around your home. be ware of puddles of water find that there should be no puddles of water even in the plants trays. use mosquito net. be careful about one thing. usually we use mosquito replants in night but its very necessary to use them in nights as well.

wear full sleeves dresses. chikungunya mosquito usually bites in morning. so, take similar precautions the way you take in morning. if you are suffering from chikungunya, then non-veg food is completely prohibited for you. take ample of liquid after short breaks. drink water, lemon water or juices eat maximum of green vegetables to get more nutrition value. so that your body get some energy and is easy for digestion. along with these remedies, i am telling you recipe of a oil to make

to make this oil take 3-4 garlic cloves also take 4 big pieces of drum sticks and approximately 1 tsp camphor. put all these ingredients into grinder and grind them. now take 4 tbsp coconut oil & 1 tbsp caster oil in a vessel and heat it a bit. once the oil is heat up then add the mixture of drum stick, garlic and camphor in it. let them cook on the low flame until the entire extract of garlic, drumstick and camphor is combined with the oil. after that strain the oil and store it in a glass vessel. now, how to use this oil? heat this oil a bit before using.

apply this oil on the affected pain area due to chijungunya and do light handed massage. you will notice that you will get relief in pain and in the problem of chikungunya as well. so, just follow these easy remedies and don't be afraid of chikungunya. rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. tell to your friends & relatives to subscribe this channel. get the health benefits by sitting at home. and do support us in our motive. our motive is that maximum number of people should get the health benefits by sitting at home only

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